ThornCherry is what you get when the customer matters

It’s our vision for a pharmacy that values your time and worth.

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Our Mission

ThornCherry is a refreshingly-different pharmacy. It’s a locally owned and operated business. Everything about the relationship of customers with their pharmacist has been rethought.

Meet Our Staff

Adam Williams, RPh

Adam, both owner and pharmacist in charge graduated from The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy. Making sure the patient comes first is his first priority.

Tim Kolopus, RPh/Pharmacist

ThornCherry's Newest Hire. Graduated from The Ohio State University. Tim is extremely knowledgable and possesses excellent customer service skills.

Elizabeth, Lead Technician

Elizabeth is ThornCherry's Lead Technician. Our patients love Elizabeth. She gives 100% effort to each and every person at ThornCherry.

Jacinto, Pharmacy Technician

Jacinto is ThornCherry's technician since October 2018. He is studying to be a Physical Therapist. Did I mention he is bilingual speaking both English and Spanish?

Cindy, Pharmacy Technician

Cindy is our newest technician hired in February 2019. We acquired Cindy after the closing of Affinity Hospital. She is very personal and easy to talk to.